The Comparison Movement

This post isn’t about makeup.

But the real world isn’t all about makeup either, so neither is my life.

Gear up. Get a diet coke and sit down or read this when the kids are in bed because I have a lot to say. I want to hear what you have to say, too.

There has been a lot of buzz in my circle of social media lately about the issues that people have with it.  Myself included in this, many have taken to Instagram posts or stories to lament their feelings or frustrations. This has been mulling around in my mind and heart and there’s been so much more to what I want to say than what can appropriately fit within an Instagram or Facebook post.

I had planned to really prepare this correctly so that I would be understood the way I hoped to be. But, as I began my day and saw more and more posts and thoughts about this topic popping up on my feeds, I began to be really filled up with the energy of what I wanted to say and I didn’t wait to write. So maybe this will be unorganized and maybe it’ll be perceived wrong, but I need to say what I need to say. And I guess the reality is, I can’t control how anyone decides to feel about it. But more on that later.


The common theme among most of the posts I’m seeing about the dangers of social media is the idea of comparison. The idea that we have to be perfect in order to be worthy, and that by only posting the good, we’re telling others they have to be as “perfect” as we are. There is so much going on about this on social media, that I’d even call it a movement. This Comparison Movement, as I’ll refer to it from now on, is the idea that it’s detrimental that we only show the best of our lives because when we do that, we perpetuate the Comparison Epidemic. The Comparison Epidemic involves people comparing someone else’s “highlight reel” to their own “real life”, thus making them feel bad about their real life by comparison.

Making them.


Before I go on, I would like it noted for whatever record there is, that I think it’s important to showcase your reality once in a while and I think it’s refreshing. But that’s not really what i want to talk about. That’s not how I want to “get real”; not today. That’s not what I want to say to everyone.


I want to say that if you want to sit and scroll through your Instagram feed and compare yourself to everyone else, that’s your choice. I think that’s a bad idea and I think it’ll make you feel like crap, but you’re in charge of your choices. You’re in charge of what you accept as reality.  I’m not going to tell you all the things I hate about myself and say that by doing so, that makes me more real. I’m actually working on liking myself a bit more. Thanks, though.

I think we should stop comparing. But more importantly, I think we should stop blaming the people we are comparing ourselves to. More importantly, I think we should love ourselves more as we stand. Someone else posting their highlight reel does not make us feel bad about our own real life.

We do that to ourselves.

This isn’t a new issue. The thing about The Comparison Epidemic that is actually new is the accessibility we all have to discuss it all at the same time on a worldwide platform. Magazines have been around for generations, making people feel like crap because they look at the houses in Better Homes and Gardens or they look at the model on the cover of whatever trashy magazine is by the checkout and think that they don’t measure up.

To be honest and genuine, I’m really struggling with writing this post because I don’t want to contradict how I really feel and I don’t want to come across and someone who lacks compassion for those who feel unworthy or sad or less than. I might actually be the one who can relate to you the most in that aspect. Through my struggles with depression, anxiety, and OCD, I have absolutely had to learn about personal responsibility. Otherwise, the world would have swollowed me whole. I had to learn by clawing my way out of The Comparison Epidemic myself, that the way I feel is my responsibility. My initial gut reaction might be out of my control for a while, but that at the end of the day, I can mull around what has happened, what my opinion is on it, the different reactions had by myself and those within the situation, I can reach deep down for compassion for those I feel have hurt me, and then, with practice, I can actually decide how I feel. Because no one makes me feel one way or the other. I am in control of my feelings. I decide. And that is why The Comparison Epidemic and The Comparison Movement on social media have my head spinning. I want us to all feel worthy and beautiful and good enough. But the person with the perfect house MADE you feel like crap because your house doesn’t look like that? I mean, I just can’t stand by that idea.

So with that being said, I’m going to get a little bit controversial here. I want to discuss the flip side of The Comparison Movement and give a personal account of what it feels like to maybe be on the other side.

As my business has grown, Instagram and Facebook have become platforms where I am introduced to other colleagues in the industry as well as a way for clients to find me. I’m nowhere near “Instagram famous” but I don’t care to be. I want my social media to grow because I want my business to grow because I like paying my bills. It’s really that simple. Social media has changed, no, revolutionized the small business owner’s platform of promotion and marketing. Algorithms and figuring out the system aside, social media is a way to connect to your clientele without hitting the physical pavement. That being said, you have to actually market yourself. And that’s scary and vulnerable and you open yourself up for judgment and criticism.  In my world, as a makeup artist, to post a picture of my work might make Sally (Sally isn’t a real person, calm down) say, “Wow, I really like that work. I’m going to hire her.” And then because of that post, Sally hires me to do her makeup for her wedding and then I pay for Basketball league or buy birthday presents or pay the city bill. Because this is my job. My actual job. But, on the flip side, posting that same photo might make Betty say (again, not a real person!), “She’s so into herself. She thinks she’s perfect and it’s so annoying. She’s not even good.” So Betty will unfollow me or block me or talk bad about me or whatever. Knowing I will get both outcomes is a risk I’m willing to take, because social media has, like I said, revolutionized the way small business owners conduct their businesses.

As my business began to gain some success, I started to notice that some family members or some people who are friends were taking the route of Betty and unfollowing or blocking me. I took this kind of personally and it hurt my feelings. I chose to take this personally and decided I would allow it to hurt my feelings. I wondered, “Am I annoying? Am I bad at my job? Do they not like me? Why don’t they want to support me? I’m proud of them when they succeed. Why aren’t they proud of me?” I actually called out an acquaintance who did this and asked her why citing marketing purposes. But that was disingenuous on a few levels. Though I did want to know, for the sake of my business, if I was going in the wrong direction, it was mostly about wanting to know why she didn’t like me anymore. It was about being vulnerable and feeling stupid and being ashamed and worrying about what other people think if other people think I’m worthy of being good at something.

She was honest with me. She said that following me made her feel bad and that the comparison game was not good for her. So she needed to unfollow my business account because she was comparing her life to mine and it made her feel bad about herself.

My initial gut reaction was that it stung. I couldn’t fully control my initial feeling.

I had to try REALLY hard not to choose to have my feelings hurt. I failed a bit. A lot.

Because I was finding some success in my business that I was putting my actual heart and soul into, people in my life were unable to support that because they feared my light would dim theirs? The answer to that is, unfortunately, yes.

That’s the end of my personal story about the flip side of The Comparison Movement. The truth is, we’re all people. We are just PEOPLE. And the one thing all people have in common is that we want to be happy, loved and we want to fit in. We just want to belong somewhere.

So, what’s the point? My point is this: I genuinely think it’s okay to be a part of social media because I know that it’s not real life and I will not compare myself to something I know isn’t real. I make that conscious choice. I know when something isn’t reality because I live in reality and it doesn’t look like perfectly white sofas and unblemished skin all the time. But if you want to compare yourself, I suppose you can. Because it’s your choice. Go ahead. I’d advise against it, but your call.

MAYBE, just maybe, the issue isn’t necessarily that we are all posting our highlight reel. Because I love some good, fresh reality, but I also love pretty things. I love to look at flat lays of designer bags I’ll never own. Because I know it’s not realistic, it’s just pretty. I love to see the inside of homes that I could never buy or decorate. Because I know it’s not realistic, it’s just pretty. I love to see beautiful makeup or an outfit of someone walking down the street that looks phenomenal while they’re stopping in for groceries because I know that it’s not realistic, it’s just pretty.

Maybe the issue is that we have actually chosen, or allowed ourselves to be convinced, that their highlight reel is the reality. And then we’ve allowed ourselves to feel bad. We chose to feel bad about it.


What I’m saying here is that we live in a world where we’re constantly inundated with the best of what people have to offer. What I’m saying here is that I don’t think that showing your best work or your best outfit or your best smile or your best decor needs to change. What I’m saying is that it’s okay to admire something beautiful without choosing to think that it makes us LESS beautiful by comparison. Because Comparison is stupid and evil and disgusting. So I choose not to allow it into my world. And maybe the way some people don’t allow it is to avoid things that “make” them feel that way. But I think we should all try to have a little more self-responsibility instead. Maybe we should choose to support or be happy for whomever it is that “makes” us feel bad.*** Because ya know what? They probably feel less than all the time, too.

There is such thing as beautiful reality and I believe that’s what many of us already have. Cleaning the kitchen while you hear cartoons in the background while the kids giggle. Beautiful reality. The huge mess on the floor on Christmas day after everyone has run off to play with their toys and mom and dad are left with the war zone. Beautiful reality. Loving someone enough to snuggle them in the morning without caring about bad breath. Beautiful reality. Going a whole day without makeup and knowing you can rub your eyes or rest your chin on your hands whenever you damn well please. Beautiful reality. That sweaty swollen look all moms have in their first picture with their new baby. Beautiful reality. Finally waking up in the middle of the night to bottle feed your newly adopted baby. Beautiful reality. Hearing a teenager who is always mouthing off say, “Thanks, mom.” Beautiful reality. Finding happiness in the lives of the children in your life, even though it pains your heart to not have birthed any of your own. Beautiful reality. Your kid’s crooked smile when their adult teeth have started to grow in around their baby teeth. Beautiful reality. Finally having enough of a clientele to make a profit after all those years of building a kit without an income. BEAUTIFUL REALITY! When you look up at the kitchen ceiling and notice something weird and realize it was from a month ago when the mixer got away from ya and the banana bread batter went flying everywhere. Beautiful reality. You’ll never see those things on Instagram, not in their full, beautiful, realistic, messy, blemished glory. Those things are meant to be experienced, not viewed or “liked”. There’s a place for beautiful reality, and there is a place for a perfectly staged and heavily edited flat lay with a great pair of jeans and Louboutin’s. Both are okay. Both are good.

All I’m saying is that instead of being frustrated with people posting their highlight reels, maybe as a society we should just take a big drink of “Good for You and I’m Happy Too” and keep scrolling. Or hell, give it a double tap and be happy for someone else’s perfectly white sofa. It doesn’t mean that yours is worthless unless you let it mean that.

***I would like to edit that this is not in reference to abusive people or relationships, but that I’m only referring to comparing your life to someone else’s and choosing to allow that to make you dislike your own life. Abusive relationships and people should not be tolerated.

Top Ten NON Makeup Products of 2017

It was so easy for me to pinpoint my exact favorite makeup products from 2017, but choosing things that aren’t makeup was harder for me! It’s weird to narrow down my favorites with such a broad range: everything but makeup.

But, here are my favs, complete with an honorable mention because I couldn’t help it.

Tell me what you think!

  1. Cozy Casual

My outfits from the first day of the year through to the last day were almost ALWAYS centered around being cozy and casual, and unless it’s too rainy or snowy, white converse (especially these slip-on ones) are my go-to. And what’s cozier casual than camo? It’s been a favorite all year-long. When it’s warm I’ve worn this t-shirt whenever it’s clean (long enough for leggings), and when it’s cold or even bordering on cold, this sweatshirt is my favorite. My Zella leggings have also been my favorite all year. I literally wear them in any season. I love the high rise ones and I wish I had three more pair so I didn’t have to be without them while they were in the laundry. I’ve had mine for three years now and they’re still going strong and look like they did when I first bought them. Yes, they’re pricey. But I’m currently wearing them as I type, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. Buy them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and snag them for about $30, or just go buy them now because you’ll love them.

Photo from my Instagram

2. Clinique Moisture Surge

I absolutely love this moisturizer. I use it at night! I have oily skin and love to use this every night and sort of pile it on over after my serum or facial oil. Facial oils are also a huge favorite of mine, but I’ve come into loving them more recently in the last couple of months, so I’ll bet it’ll end up in my 2018 favorites. Why do I like his moisturizer? Well I only like it when I really pile it on and let it sink in. I notice that it helps with texture and tone and also isn’t too heavy for my oily skin.

3.  Dove Dry Spray Deodorant

This is my FAVORITE deodorant! I even bought some for my friends when I realized how much I like it. This one is especially my favorite (Original Clean Scent. Dark blue lid) for many reasons. But let’s just get a little bit real, here. Nobody likes to be stinky, and nobody likes that weird stinky limbo where you kind of smell good but it sort of smells like your deodorant is activating and it’s a very concerning situation to be in.

That doesn’t happen with this, so… You’re welcome.

4. Bath and Body Works Candles

If you know me, you know I LOVE candles. Bath and Body Works candles are some of my favorites within price reason. (I also LOVE Diptique but don’t love the price.) Depending on the season of the year, my favorite candle changes. But these two are favorites of mine all year long.

5. Water Balm by Sonia Roselli

This has become my favorite moisturizer to use on clients. I can use this on any client with any skin type and it is the perfect prep for their skin. I have never used this without a client saying, “Wow, what is that? Where can I get it?!” I also use it on myself in the morning when I know I’ll be wearing makeup. Put it on, rub it in until the droplets form, and then give your skin about 5 minutes to soak it all up. Tip: This is also so great as an under-eye cream. It plumps up fine lines and moisturizes without being greasy or leaving behind any sort of film. I love it.

6. Gold Hoop and Stud Earrings

This year, I’ve loved and worn only two types of earrings. Gold hoops (like these that hang with the hoop outside of the ear) and studs. My absolute favorite studs are by Kate Spade and the canary yellow and the opal ones are on rotation in my jewelry box.

7.  Primrose by Maggie Bracelets

These bracelets by Primrose by Maggie have become some favorites of mine. They’re blingy without being ridiculous and they look so pretty stacked with other bracelets and/or a watch. She sells the prettiest colors too, but my eye is on this crystal one. She shows some really classy ways to wear them on her Instagram. Head over there and you might see some of my work, too! I’ve had the privilege of working with Maggie on a few different projects over this last year as a makeup artist when she’s showcased her jewelry on some photo shoots, and not only is she a great jewelry designer and crafter, but she’s a really sweet person. (And for the record this isn’t sponsored in any way at all, I just really like her and her jewelry!) They’re my favorite kind of jewelry: classic, comfortable and sparkly. She also makes beautiful earrings.

EDIT: After I published this blog, I went into the bathroom and was washing my face when I freaked out and remembered I forgot one of the big reasons her bracelets made my top ten. So I made a panicked noise and my husband thought I got soap in my eye or something and it was stressful for a moment. BUT, these bracelets don’t grab the little hairs on your arms and pull them out!!! When you look at them you might think they might but they don’t! They just lay so perfectly and they’re adjustable without looking weird or cheap. Ugh, they’re just so pretty on, too. They catch the sun and really sparkle but don’t look gaudy or cheap at all. You’ll love them.

8. Monat 

This year I’ve learned about Monat hair products and I’ve been loving them. My favorites have been the blow out cream, the lash serum and the replenish masque. The blow out cream has a heat protectant in it, but it’s also helped keep the style of my hair much longer than normal, especially when I curl it. The masque makes a huge difference in the softness of my hair and makes it look so smooth without being greasy at all. And the lash serum works really well! I recently had lash extensions and even though my lash artist did a really great job, it always does a number on your natural lashes once you give your lashes a break from extensions.  And I’m also a lot happier with the price of the Monat serum compared to other greats like the R&F. Let me know if you want to hear more about Monat!

9. Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled

My sister-in-law introduced me to this pint of goodness. Do you like oatmeal cookies? Do you like ice cream? Do you like being happy? Do you like when angels sing the hallelujah chorus while you sit on your butt and watch Netflix (quietly enough for you to still hear the Riverdale episode)? Then you’ll like this ice cream.

10. Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume

This perfume is one of my all-time favorites. My mom wore it when I was a little girl, and it always reminds me of when she’d be getting ready to go to church or out on a date with my dad. It reminds me of her black velvet heels with the gold buttons and her drawer on the right hand side of the bathroom counter where she had her makeup in a little basket. It’s a floral scent but it’s warm. One spray is enough-and it’s not a light, flirty scent. It’s old school and romantic. If you like Chanel No. 5 or Replica Lipstick On, you’ll love this. It’s a classic for a reason. If you like light and soft scents, you won’t like this one. But I do. A lot.

Rose, Lily, Tuberose, Orange Flower, Citrus, Woods


Honorable Mention: Ugg Classic Short Cuff in Stormy Grey

I felt like I needed to add this to my list but I don’t wear them all year round. Thus, my trusty Uggs have made the list as an honorable mention. These are my favorite Ugg boots and I always wear them cuffed down in the front. They’re cozy and casual and easy. I feel like a “your mom” joke would be funny there, but also inappropriate.


So now tell me some of your favorites from 2017. Snack suggestions are especially welcome.

Top Ten Makeup Products of 2017

January is a hard month for a lot of people, and I can see why. But I have learned to actually really like it as I think back on the past year and plan ahead for the current one.

I’m a makeup artist, but I also use a lot of skincare, haircare, and other things in my line of work and day to day life. I debated about having just makeup in my Top Ten Favorites or incorporating other goodies, but thought I’d see if everyone wanted to read about my other favorites, too. I’ll be just posting my top ten makeup products today, but if you’d like to see my other favs, let me know either in a comment here on my blog or on my Instagram or Facebook.

So here are my top ten favorite makeup products from 2017. Click on the underlined name and go to the website to read more reviews from other people and see that I’m not the only one in love.

Disclaimer: These are products I loved most in 2017. They aren’t necessarily products I first tried in 2017 or that came out in 2017, though that’s the case with a few. I also didn’t try to make sure I had one of everything you’d use on your face. As you can see, I didn’t include a blush. Do I have a favorite blush? Yes. But these are just my top ten favorites in general. You get it…

  1. Lorea’l Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black- $9.99

No lash extensions or liner, no falsies. Just the two products pictured.

This is my all time favorite mascara. I use it on every single client and on myself. It’s been a favorite of mine since high school and every time I venture out to a different or new mascara, I always come CRAWLING back. You’ll like this mascara if you like a wet formula and lots of length in your lashes. it also has a rubber bristled brush that takes a little bit of getting used to, but give it a try. The trick with this mascara is to wiggle the bristles against the base of your lash line and continue wiggling as you pull the wand up to the tip of your lashes. This mascara will clump really easily if you go in guns ‘a blazing, so let the formula do the work for you. One, MAYBE two coats is all you need. And if you want that extra va-voom, or this mascara is giving you ALLLL the length, but isn’t giving you quite the volume you like, pair it with Lancome Cils Booster Lash Primer.

2. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – $30.00

This formula is worth every penny!! If you blend it out immediately after you apply it, you get a great light to medium coverage and if you let it set down for about a minute before blending it out, you can get a full coverage concealer. (A tip for any concealer, really.) I’ve tried all the “dupes” for this concealer and this is just an awesome product. It has a beautiful, skin-like finish and I’m fairly happy with the color range. If you have incredibly dark skin, you may have a harder time finding a tone to be a skin tone match, but I’ve been lucky with this concealer on even my darkest (and I’ve worked with VERY dark skinned clients) when used to highlight or used under the eye. I’ve never met a skin type that doesn’t tolerate this concealer and that’s not something I can say for many others.

3.  Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – $14.99 

This is a great product and it smells like a tropical vacation. The scent doesn’t stay on your skin after the product is applied but it surprises (and delights) me every time I open the compact.  This blends like a dream, can be used wet or dry, and even though it has a sheen, it’s not sparkly. The sheen is great for keeping the finish skin-like and keeping you from that “muddy” or dirty look that bronzer can create when it’s too matte. This is a true bronzer, and does not work to contour and the shade range isn’t great if your skin is dark. However, they’re working on broadening the shade range currently, so watch for that! This bronzer also has an added bonus of skin loving benefits. Murumuru Butter, which is what this bronzer is made with, has antibacterial properties and my sensitive, acne prone skin has never broken out from using this.

4. Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Soft Frost (Highlighter) – $34

Not my face, totally googled it.

One thing I’ve loved this year is an opalescent finish to a highlight or blush or eyeshadow or lipgloss or anything I can justify. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I LOVE it. When I use it on clients whether it’s a costume shoot or a bride, they’re always really impressed and I get complimented on it all the time. When that purple/pink opal shift catches the light, it’s the best! This is my favorite highlighter for that look.

5. Ardell Demi Wispies and 301 or 318 Accents – About $4

(Me) wearing Demi Wispies
Model wearing Demi Wispies-Hair and Makeup by Me. Photo by Bre Curtis.
An awkward zoomed in photo of my eye with 301 Accents.

False lashes are a strange animal, am I right? As a working makeup artist, they’re just a tool of the trade. However, on clients who aren’t comfortable with them or haven’t used them before, they’re foreign and scary! In that case, I apply these accents and they’re a dream. Even my mom, who has the most sensitive eyes in the world, forgot they were even on. When I put them on brides, they always tell me how funny it was when they went to wash their face and they came off and they freaked out–because they forgot they were on and saw lashes staring at them from the bottom of the sink! They look great applied, but look like YOUR lashes are just amazing. If you love the false lash look (me too!) Demi Wispies are my (and most makeup artist’s) go-to. They are dramatic enough but able. The band is thin enough that they apply easily without popping off in that inner corner.

6. Mac Lipstick in Snob – $17.50

Here’s Snob in comparison to some other pink lip colors.
Model wearing Snob. Hair and Makeup by Me.


This is my favorite lipstick, ever. I wear it with so many different liners and use it on so many clients. It’s pink. It’s definitely pink. If you’re not into pink lipstick, who are you? I kid. But if you’re not into pink lipstick you won’t like this. But it’s my favorite and has been for years! Too pink for you? Try mixing it with my next favorite.

7. Maybelline Lipstick in 920 Nude Lust – $7.99

Not my photo
Model wearing Nude Lust. Makeup by me, Hair by Kaitlyn Muirbrook, Photo by Sheer Boudoir

This is my favorite nude lipstick. I keep four of these at all times. One is depotted in my kit for clients, one is in my vanity for myself, one is in my purse and one is on backup in my drawer. It’s such a great nude. It’s perfect to mix with a color when you need to mellow it out, it’s pretty alone, it’s pretty with a liner and it’s pretty with a gloss on top. Nude lipstick is such a tricky thing. Not too orange, not too pink, not too “concealer-y”. We don’t want it to look like we don’t have lips but we don’t want it to look brown, or we’d have picked a brown lipstick. I really love this one for fair-medium skin tones as a true nude, and dark skin tones as a bright nude.

8. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil – $24


Hair and Makeup by Me. Brows are Good Proof by Benefit
Hair and Makeup by me. Brows are Goof Proof by Benefit. Photo by Keala J Photography

Okay, I can’t make this post a lesson on brows. But, this is a great pencil and it makes the job much easier and quicker. If you like a really precise, skinny pencil, this isn’t it. However, I’ve found it can do the job of a skinny precise pencil in half the time. I really like it! I’ve used it all year, and I’ve been through a few of them. I also love that it has a spoolie on the end to comb through!

9. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation – $7.99

Makeup by Me. Foundation is Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless. Photo by Monique Samone Photography

First, I don’t think that this foundation is matte. I think it carries a nice satin finish. Second, I think it looks great on all skin types, and I’ve used it on the oiliest of the oily (me!!) and really dry skin as well. It’s very skin-like and also carries nice coverage and doesn’t get cakey when applied correctly. It also mixes really well with other foundations which I LOVE doing.

10. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream -$39

This CC cream is amazing. It’s one of my very favorite makeup products probably, ever. I don’t often use it on clients who will be photographed as it does contain sunscreen which can photograph poorly. But it’s an amazing everyday foundation. The coverage is phenomenal especially considering its a CC cream. I’m oily, and I really like it even though it does make me look really dewy. If you’re dry, you’ll also love it because it’s skin prep, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one.  It’s a great product that I’ve had really great luck with. The shade range has improved but still isn’t super inclusive. That being said, I’m able to successfully wear both Fair and Light, meaning the product does a pretty good job of adjusting to your own skin tone (something CC creams are great for!) and it mixes great with other foundations if you need to lighten or darken it slightly. I mix it with Maybelline Matte and Poreless every time I wear makeup!


And there you have it! My top ten! What were your favorites last year? Have you tried any of my favorites? Did you like them as much as I do? I want to know. Tell me everything!

About Me (You Asked For It…)

I took a poll on my Instagram Stories yesterday asking what my IG followers would rather read about in my first blog post on

I wish I hadn’t asked.

I asked if they’d rather read about a rundown of my favorite things from 2017, or read an About Me post. 76% of those who voted chose About Me and now I’m stuck here writing an About Me and I have no idea what to say.

I thought this would be an easy post. Who knows me better than, well, me!? There are so many ways an About Me can come across so now I’m just stressed. I thought about doing “5 Things About Me” or posting a picture of me and my family or just copying and pasting the About Me from my website. But every time I started typing that stuff, I lost my voice and felt really…lame. Professional? Yes. But it wasn’t quite right. I wrote and deleted three different posts, and then decided to just write, and see what would happen. So here I am. Writing. And seeing what will happen.

This isn’t my actual desk. I’m actually typing from the couch with a toddler on my lap. My life isn’t this pretty.

I probably shouldn’t preface the post with all of that, but in the spirit of this being an About Me, there’s your first introduction.

I’ll probably consistently give you too much information.  I’ll get too personal. Or too detailed. Or too…much.

But that’s me.

I’m imperfect.

I’m also a makeup artist. You can read a more professional About Me on my website, here. But the quick rundown is this: I love my job, I love makeup, I’m pretty good at it, and I love to talk about it.  I’ve been working as a makeup artist since 2012.  When I say that, sometimes people say, “Oh, so pretty recently?” And then I say, “Yeah, about 6 years.” And then they say, “Oh, right.” And I watch their faces do some math in their head and re-think their life choices because they didn’t realize 2012 was a full 6 years ago and where did the time go and they start to feel like they really need to get their life together and get on some sort of meal plan or something.


I got to the point a few years ago when I realized that being a makeup artist was no longer a “side job” and my work freelancing was cutting into my time devoted to my “real job”. The jump to having makeup be my actual, full time, real job, that I use to pay the bills, and there is not another job to fall back on to pay the bills, was scary as hell. It still scares me. But I bet on myself, and I’m really blessed that I get to make a living doing something I love so much.

This one actually is me.

In addition to being a makeup artist, I’m also a mother. I have 3 kids and I love being a mom and it’s also really exhausting and I also want to run away a lot of the time, but that’s motherhood for you. It’s a package of really difficult and exhausting true happiness tied with a bow that used to be pretty but someone smudged it with their sticky fingers so it’s still kind of pretty from a distance but it’s mostly stained and you really need a new one but why buy a new bow when someone else will smudge it with sticky fingers and THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. But I love it. Really.

#motherhood amiright?!

Oh, my poor husband. I’m also a wife. I almost forgot to mention that. My husband is the greatest. He’s supported me so much and always tells me he’s proud of me. He sits with me while I study the photos and looks I’ve done from shoots and he says nice things and asks nice questions and always tells me to go for it. He’s a mechanic. We are so opposite in so many ways but he’s also my best friend. Like in the real way where I’d rather hang out with him than with anyone else. He brings me home chips and salsa when I’ve had a tough day on set or a tough day changing diapers…either way he knows what’s up and takes good care of me. He’s all about the surprise Diet Coke and candy bar and date night in to fix all the problems.

He’s my chips and salsa soul mate.

I might get personal and I might get artsy and I might talk a lot. I’m excited to have a forum where I can connect to my clients as well as people whose faces I’ve never touched. Instagram has been that forum for me and will continue to be in a lot of ways but Instagram is meant to be snippets. Here you get the whole burrito! (I know the saying is enchilada but I hate enchiladas. Don’t talk to me about how enchiladas are just mini burritos because I don’t have time for that.) I also love taquitos but I don’t feel it would have worked here as a great metaphor.

I love makeup and art and I also love the opportunity to break it all down and keep it real. I hope that’s what this platform can become. I hope to talk about makeup but I hope it’s more than that too. I hope we can discuss the industry and trends and controversies and tips and tricks and I hope I can post about projects I’m working on and hear what you think-the good and the bad (but be nice…). I’m a professional working makeup artist but I guess there is more to me than all that. I’m a writer, I’m a mother and wife, I’m a business owner and I’m also irreverent and opinionated I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I can do everyone’s makeup though.

I’m also the queen of run-on sentences on purpose so hopefully you’re into that.

So here is my little home on the internet.

(I’ll try to add lots of pictures so that it doesn’t get boring.)

Well, I sat down to write and this is what happened. This is what happens when you vote “About Me”.